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7.6.12 Short RV Update

My Friends:

I know there is a lot of hype on all of the sites – even those I consider grounded people – Koonce and Breitling and Scooter and most of the time Dan but I want to share with you that this is still all hype.  

Behind the scenes both in relation to Iraq and Maliki (Who will be leaving I assure you and it has already been arranged although I do not know the orchestration of his departure to the public) and the cabal and their behind the scenes back door deals to try to pressure and also keep things afloat – these things are still up in the air.  They are still unresolved – the media is still full tilt cabal orientated (Have you seen them report any truth yet – a good sign who they still work for).

Do not be discouraged.  You are sitting on a good thing but you need to understand that time is still needed to complete the mission that needs to take place in the world.  A reset.  

I have already stated we would not see it in June – June has passed us by.  I was told if not by the 7th, then we would have to wait till fall.  The seventh is tomorrow and I (not my mentors) will give it till tuesday but honestly gang, when this next week comes and goes, just maybe the sources above the cabals might be the path best followed and I charge nothing for truth.

Hang in there gang – seriously and make appropriate plans to get you through until fall (Past September) and we will see how things progress in the meantime – miracles do happen.