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6.22.12 Insights

Hello my Readers:

I am back with a little more insight to share.  As the news has shown us, Spain got its loan and Greece is getting bailed out.  We have new people after the voting replacing the old but unfortuantly, they are more of the same bad apples from the same batch.  There really is no elections anymore or anyhwhere with an outcome that is not conducive to the agenda of the “Bad PTB”. 

So the latest events are just again a band aid but will be a very short lived band aid.  How long did Greece last from the last bailout.  The bailouts came from credits based upon other credits (Just like the derivative markets) and there is no real money being induced into the system.  The real money is locked down by the Good PTB – plain and simple – accept that or live in lala land like the cabal.

Do you remember a couple articles ago the topic of the Kharizan’s?  Just remember they are the “Bad Guys” and they are everywhere.  They are in the IMF – the BIS – the World Bank – the CBI’s.  Everyone in those establishments are or work for the Kharizan (Except those that are not and are penetrating those institutions just as the Kharizans did when they got in)  

So when you watch the news and things are being bailed out, do you think that is the “Good Guys or the Bad Guys”.  The old system needs to totally fail – it has not yet because they move paper to make paper to keep the system propped.  

On the 16th of September, the BIS has an obligation it has no way to meet.  It will crush the core of their system.  This is the next target date I am looking for.  But even then, it does not mean September 17th is the magic day and hence why I am saying fall for an RV.

Now we have a wild card and we do need to keep it in mind.  Can people RV Iraq with all the debacle going on?  The answer is yes.  But if that were the intent, then it would have happened by now – think about it.  

It is my belief that Iraq does not want to RV  under the current situation and the “Draconian tactics” that have been forced on them by a war that was not right.  There were no weapons of mass destruction – plain and simple and that is another story I could educate you about.  By not RV’ing, what does that do to the current system – it handcuffs them because there is no money being put on books to manipulate.  IF they did RV, then there would be Trillions of dollars back on the books that they currently manipulate.  As we see with bailouts of all sorts, it mostly goes back into the hands of those in control – not the people or the best interests of the people or even debt payoff.

Now I would like to clarify something else.  The “Good Guys” do not need Iraq to RV to bring in the new system.  If the cabal is erased from the books, then all that needs addressed is the investments of the people and for the people.  But remember that is less than 1/10th of the total out there due to the fractional banking in place.  The rest is all debt paper.  Erase the debt and you erase the need to pay it and besides the debt belongs currently to the cabal (The current banking system – erase it and you erase the problem)

I ask you to keep these things in mind when you read articles and watch the news.  Who or which side is doing what.  Then the picture becomes much clearer on what is happening.  To watch Iraq everyday is truly the side show – stall tactics and tactics by people frustrated and trying to make it happen.  It is so easy to see the two sides over there fighting in plain daylight over the RV but in the bigger picture, it is the two PTB sides fighting out the legal positions of Iraq’s constitution.  All the hoopla is either trying to get people to do what they want or the other side making sure those people are not in there doing what they want.

I do not for a second believe we will see an RV by the end of the month – not even an once of it.  I want to believe the boards but the facts point to the opposite when you look at the big picture.  I know every board out there is saying RV by end of month but folks – it is not going to happen that way.  I will put my name on the line saying that and we will see once again time and time again for the past two years who’s sources are right.  I do not say that with arrogance, I say it to ground you for more waiting.  We will get our reward for our wait but we must still wait.  The Kharizans are still at the helm and they will be replaced.  

Maliki is out and Tariffs will get moved.  If I find my sources wrong without an extremely good excuse or explanation, then I will discontinue this blog because I do not want to feed my people wrong information nor give them false hope.  On the other hand, if it did RV, then we will all be happy.  I will be when it happens regardless.

Hang in there friends.