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11.22.11 Casper Opinion

There is some really good stuff in this article but dont let or take to heart all of it.  Pick the morsels and leave the rest.  He is not educated on the “one” morsel and I have talked to him about it.

11.22.11 Casper Opinion

I often say ‘there is nothing lower than an American Politician. Nothing’.  Congress is a big Whore House and you know who works in Whore Houses don’t you?

European Politicians have taken offense saying no Politician is lower, dirtier or more corrupt than them and to prove it they will pass laws making the telling of truth illegal and they are introducing such legislation this week in the European Union.  Actual punishments for telling the truth are still being negotiated.  The first target and the cause celeb for these pending new laws are the U.S. and European ‘Rating Agencies’ which had the audacity to downgrade the Politicians/Bankers Personal Toys, the formerly Sovereign Nations of  Europe and the Bank Owned Corporation of the UNITED STATES.  And so, just as the Government (Politicians) outlawed ‘M-3’ in the U.S. to hide the vastness of their funny money printing, ‘they’ are now making it illegal for a Rating Agency to tell the truth about the worthless debt of the European Banks and Nations. The NWO is taking over and implementing Police State Tactic’s as they go. Leaders of Nations who oppose them are being thrown out (Greece/Italy/Libya/Egypt/Tunisia) and NWO puppets ‘inserted’ in their places. Meanwhile little Ireland, as proxy for ‘Slave World’, has challenged the NWO Politicians (spit) and Banks to prove ‘book keeping entries’ constitute legitimate debt. The future of the West’s Political and Monetary Systems are at stake. If the status quo continues, in time there will not be one two by four, not one can of beans that does not eventually end up in the hands of the Bankers and the Money Interest they represent. It’s not all that hard to buy the earth and everything upon it if you have unlimited Printing Press Money, the Military Force to demand its acceptance and a CORRUPT Judicial Branch should any one complain as ‘WE THE PEOPLE’  have done through the various lawsuits filed  and many others.

Not to be outdone we learn from last week’s episode of 60 Minutes that American Politicians, led by Nancy (drain the swamp) Pelosi, have been trading on insider information, buying stock in IPO’s of Companies which have legislation pending before the Committees of these very same Politicians (spit).  She and her husband made millions buying a Visa IPO recently with legislation pending. Pelosi’s husband has previously made a hundred or more millions via ‘Government Contracts’. While traveling back and forth to San Francisco in one of her EIGHT planes funded by taxpayers she eats chocolate covered strawberries and stipulates ‘Dark Chocolate’. This theft, debauchery, corruption, Treason and screwing of everyone else in the country goes on night and day in the Sewer/Corporation of Washington D.C.. They make millions. That’s why they are willing to spend millions to get elected. By keeping the people divided between Blue and Red Policies they keep the money flowing to themselves from the public while what they are  actually doing is the bidding of their ‘Johns’ (Special Interest) as passed down to them by the hundreds of ‘Pimps’ on K-Street. The annual cash haul (Legal Bribery) is enormous. To keep it simple week after week I am in the habit of referring to ‘The Whores’ and ‘The Congressional Whore House’ expecting that, by now, you are catching on to the details of their daily criminality without my help. Two Bit Con Artist and Criminals (Politicians) have been in control of our country for decades. They head up a Corporation which has declared the American People to be ‘Enemies of the State’. When you eventually grasp this truth it will make the actions of the Politicians more understandable.

Have you seen the ‘Judge Judy’ u-tube making the rounds on the net?  A black kid refuses to pay his share of the rent, it ends up in Judge Judy’s Court where we find this kid is receiving $22,000./year from the Government (taxpayers) to attend school to study ‘Guitar’. And another $5000./year from the County to help pay his rent. And another $1000./ month ‘stipend’ from the Government. And you wonder how we are being spent into OBLIVIAN by the Liberals who cannot balance their own checkbook much less ‘the peoples’ checkbook? Multiply this kid by hundreds of thousands.  He has been paid seventy something thousand so far by the taxpayers to ‘study’ guitar and refuses to pay his portion of the rent pocketing the $5000./month.  Obama money for everyone. Which is greater I ask you, the incompetence or the criminality? The answer is the criminality which is so pervasive throughout Government and which is entirely intentional. In another u-tube last week a young black girl (twenties) explained to her listeners how to get X hundreds of dollars monthly for each baby and another several hundred a month for ‘child care’ for each baby and on and on she went. Obama money for everyone. ‘REDISTRIBUTION”, or more precisely, RAPE, ROB AND PILLIAGE PRODUCERS AND GIVE THE MONEY TO DEAD BEATS IN RETURN FOR VOTES VOTES VOTES so they can be re-elected so they can STEAL still more.  Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/ ELITES are not the INCOMPETENT  IDIOTS they appear to be, THEIR DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA IS INTENTIONAL.  This is why I am trying to understand socialism gang!!!

On the Business Front another very normal week. Many ‘Messengers’, some public some not so public, continue to say ‘today— tomorrow at the latest’. They have a brand new wonderful story twice each week and it seems not to phase them one bit that their most recent 100 ‘stories’ have turned out to be B.S..  WE too are like a broken record saying ‘all funds still frozen, spiket not turned on’.  WE believe others are unknowingly quoting the Company’s Treasury Based Dis-info Team.  Always a part of the ‘never come true stories’ is the R.V. of the Iraqi Dinar. Some of the tall tales are truly amazing, amazing that anyone would believe them and yet they do.  Some actually believe this back water war torn country, managed by the U.N for the last several years, is about to reveal a revalued currency worth several multiples of the U.S. Dollar and other world currencies. Being gullible is something we have each been guilty of at one time or another. You choose the adjective but this is way beyond ‘gullible’.  As previously reported our Intel says the ‘revaluation’ is going swimmingly as warehouses full of basically worthless Dinars controlled by Bush, Clinton, Obama, Maliki, etc., are being unloaded as fast as possible onto the unsuspecting public worldwide. This week, for the first time ever, our sources say a revaluation upward of approximately 10% is being discussed. Go to ‘Bloomberg’ on your computer. Click on currencies. Use the ‘Currency Converter’ to enter Iraqi Dinars and U.S. Dollars. You will find that approximately $1170./U.S. Dollars will buy one million Iraqi Dinars which is the same quote as three months ago. Ignore and leave alone.

WE hear the Secret Stuff in Europe right now (week just ended) is France and Germany attempting to structure a new E.U. with two classes of participants. In the Big Boy Division would be  five nations. I’m guessing the Netherlands and Finland with France and Germany and wondering aloud if Russia might be the fifth? The rest eat dirt and debt at the Children’s Table and sacrifice their sovereignty and their peoples freedoms for table scraps from NWO Lenders. The ‘Old’, the ‘Status Quo’, the ‘Fiat World’, is still attempting to save itself and from Hawaii WE hear Obama has again stated that he will never allow the ‘NEW’, the Global Funding and Asset Backed Banking which happens to be exactly what the most recent White Hat Report also reported. As speculated several times previously it comes down to, IMO, who controls the Printing Press. With that and the biggest guns the Governments Enforced Slavery of the people here and there continues indefinitely. Sixteen Trillion the CBO said, secretly distributed by the FED since the fall of ’08 with Trillions going to Europe. Closer to 100T our sources said.  Is this continuing? Are American Taxpayers still Bailing European Banks and even European Governments? If we had a Constitution this would be Treason but there is no law in America any longer, not for the Corporate NWO Powers That Be.  Surely you can observe by now the lawlessness of the Obama Administration and his 45 Communist Czars. If not you must be willingly blind, WILLINGLY IGNORANT, which is a far more serious thing than being innocently ignorant. If ‘they’ do not have the ongoing use of the Printing Press it is just a matter of time, a short time, until their inability to ‘make payroll’(figure of speech), service debt and borrow still more ends abruptly, likely with a traumatic once in a life time implosion of the West’s entire Fiat Monetary System. Then the new, by default, IMO.  Europe’s pending collapse backs up into China and the CDS’s into the U.S. making a simultaneous worldwide systemic collapse entirely possible. However, ‘they’ have other ‘outs’ available and the seriousness of the scenario now underway might convince them to reverse previous decisions. Germany might release the ECB to start printing like the Fed. The E.U. might agree to float Bonds guaranteed by all participating nations GDP. The Fed might use its ‘Printing Press’ (figure of speech) to Bail Europe shoveling the funds through the ECB for appearances sake. The division of Solvent Europe from Poor Poor Europe as described above would allow the other 12 Euro Union nations, joined perhaps by all or some of the peripheral  ten Eurozone nations, to ‘restructure’ in ways which would at least ‘buy time’. Or, the Strong could simply desert the weak which then devalues dramatically their native currencies screwing the lenders and starving their citizens via skyrocketing food and fuel cost.  THEY will do anything, anything at all, not to lose their grip on power or to have their crimes against humanity exposed. And so therefore wherefore who knows what the heck they might do tomorrow but today they are working on splitting the union.  This is serious stuff going on….

Whadaya suppose happened to the 2.3 T missing from the Pentagon? Every week it’s another 500 or 800 Million. This week it’s 600M or so  missing at MF Global with accompanying speculation it’s at JP Morgan where Jamie Diamond used it to further manipulate the Silver Market. All should be in prison, Bankers AND Politicians, especially Politicians (spit).

ALL ABOVE WAS WRITTEN 11-16-11. It’s Sunday now, 11-20-11.

Speaking of the failure of MF Global and the corruption of Goldman/Obama stooge Corzine, you simply must read the article by Ann Barnhardt wherein she notifies all clients of B.C.M. (Barnhardt Capital Management) that she is returning all client funds immediately as she expects a systemic collapse of all markets caused by the corruption of Corzine AND OBAMA. Even if you are a devout Obama Supporter you owe it to yourself to read what she has to say to everyone involved in commodities and securities worldwide. Then scroll down through ‘readers comments’ and find the nine minute u-tube video of this incredible lady telling it like it is. It is the best thing I have read and viewed in a very long time. Above I used the word ‘lawlessness’ to describe Obama and D.C. and she attributes the closing of her business to exactly that.  Good article and I have it posted today also under a Bloggers View.

Obama and China (Hu Jintao) ‘had words’ in Hawaii. Knowing he would be with China again in two days in Indonesia Obama stopped off in Australia to announce that he would be moving 2500 Marines onto China’s front porch. China reacted publicly and negatively. Obama was, we hear, demanding more money from China. China said no, Marines to Australia. Then, we hear, more ‘difficulties’ between Obama and China in Indonesia. As what follows is ‘first blush’ Intel  don’t be surprised if further news changes some of our ‘understandings’. WE hear Obama demanded of Boeing that Top Secret Technologies be transferred to China and that Boeing refused. It has to do with the ‘Composite Technology’ used to build our newest fighter aircraft and to be used in Boeings new ‘Dreamliner Aircraft’. This appears to be a continuation of Hillary’s offers of ‘Eminent Domain’  of all Federal Buildings, National Parks and Wetlands as reported from the American Embassy in Beijing a year or so ago.  This is TREASON plain and simple. WE presume he was trying to get more money to continue the status quo but we were not actually given the details of his motivations.

WE continue to hear from Europe that 95% of the ‘Bailouts’ being reported by the Euro Countries, Banks and Financial Institutions remain ‘unfunded’ and are basically lies used to prop up the equity markets. I think I recall something similar in last week’s Fulford Update. Only a few billion has actually been funded.  My sources are saying the same thing and I warn all people in the markets right now to be on alert if not get out immediately.

Soros’ and Obama are funding ACORN which is funding OWS in various cities. Marxist have apparently decided they can’t risk waiting for another election, they must take over the country right now. Remember, the Unions are in on this, pledging to be Obama’s ‘Army’.

There are no words to describe the incompetence and the corruption. Add to that the intention of the Marxist in Chief and his 45 mostly Communist Czars to literally destroy the country as directed by Soros’, Saul Alinski, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, the Unions and the Communist and Socialist Parties of America, etc. etc. and we will be fortunate if we have another election.  Corzine is a former Goldman CEO and a Obama crony. Was it his job to begin the systemic financial collapse?

Todays newspaper says Obama gave Kenya $18M to get the abortion language changed in its Constitution. Who gave POTUS the keys to our Treasury Dept.?

After refueling in GUAM Obama should be back in D.C. by now. He has spent 4.3T in less than 3 years plus the 16T or 100T spent by the FED. Obama money tossed around like confetti and now he wants tax increases.

Casper  11-21-11