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10.28.11 Casper Opinion

10.28.11 Casper Opinion

I cannot remember a time when so much invaluable information, education and advanced understanding has ‘all at once’ become available to the people. The articles and short videos appearing on our two favorite web-sites, taken collectively, are of overwhelming importance to those who care about the future of our country and our children. The OWS Group has issued a formal statement. The author of ‘The Creature From Jeckle Island’, G. Edward Griffin, has posted a ten minute video. So much information and education is available right now but you know how it works. In a day or two it will be gone, lost from view, buried in the archives with thousands of other posts. Perhaps someone will see fit to gather the many ‘links’ into a single post which can be forwarded to everyone’s e-mail list. ( Mr. Bramerton/Hobie/Somebody?). These are historical times and the stakes are so high. It’s Freedom vs Communism with the latter fully engaged in and all-out effort to take over our country and the world right now. Not next year, right now.  All that is required is for good people to remain silent.  Or to allow the innocent and ignorant young to be co-opted by the organized and radical ‘left’.



·        This week our Foreign Born President of the New World Order announced that he will by-pass Congress and rule the UNITED STATES by Executive Fiat.  So,  What’s New?


·        Simultaneously his Personal Bankers at The Vatican have publicly called for a ‘Global Control Authority’ and a ‘World Central Bank’. Does it appear to you ‘they’ have been defeated?  Surely you can observe and understand this call for World Government by one of the world’s biggest religions, can’t you? An unelected Communist Government by the way.


·        Once again his Lordship is traveling the West at taxpayer expense today just as he did two weeks ago to approximately the same destinations. He is raising this week’s portion of his One Billion Dollar Campaign Re-election War Chest,  A.K.A. the Communist NWO War Chest.  He is spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in order to raise hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for his personal benefit in order to continue his determined destruction of ‘Free America’,   and still the CORPORATIONS SUPREME COURT REFUSES TO ACT.



·        WE see no sign that the “Trading Platforms have been taken down” or the “Computer Rigging Programs have been turned off” (Fulford/Wier). In fact, those European Nations aligned with Obama and the Vatican and the Queens continue to openly call for “increasing the fire power” and ”leveraging up” the funds in the Euro Rescue Fund, in other words, continue the Ponzi.  What WE hear is that Sarkozy wants to continue the Status Quo and recapitalize the Ponzi even as Merkel must await today’s vote by the German Parliament. She can no longer make decisions on her own. Italy made itself clear this morning as newspaper headlines screamed “SARKOZY GO TO HELL”.


·        Soros, The American Communist Party, The National Socialist Party, Acorn, MSM, SEIU and other Union Thugs are attempting to take over the street protest from the innocent and well- meaning recent high school graduates who were without leadership and unable to state clearly what they were for and against.  Speaking for half of them, which I have no right to do, they want an end to the FED and its blatant corruption, an end to Bank and Wall Street Bailouts by corrupt bought and paid for Politicians using taxpayer funds, and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs but their inability to be heard clearly has allowed the Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Communist and Socialist Thugs and their Media Puppets to take over. Now they are being high jacked and reduced to ‘useful idiot’ status with no idea what is going on around them as the very ones who bailed the corrupt banks, partnered with the Fed, added Trillions to our debt and destroyed the economy with Communist Policies implemented by a Communist President and his 45 mostly Communist Czars, now rush to the microphone to claim that these young people support the EVIL they have brought down on our country. They do not.  Obama and Acorn and the SEIU and the MSM do not speak (IMO) for the half of these young people I am writing about, but they are the ones with the money, the microphones and control of the media leaving the false impression that everyone present supports their MURDER of Historical America. Those RADICAL COMMUNIST BASTARDS do not speak for me nor do they speak for the majority of the protesters.They are the half having public sex, passing around all manner of drugs, defecating in the streets and on Police Cars and agitating for full blown Communism in America IMMEDIATELY and yes, Obama does speak for them.


·        The visible action is in Europe.  E.U. Bureaucrats  are basically “Mid-management” for “The New World Order”. It’s really quite comical you know, watching all those ego driven political fancy pants unable to hit a ‘single’  much less save their banks. Today the European Finance Ministers meetings were cancelled. WE hear Geithner is going over, history is in the making.



·        Three of the top five U.S. Banks, the news says, intend to ‘lay off’ on the American People 50 T to 80 T EACH in derivatives exposure and liabilities.. Have you heard even one Politician say anything? Anything at all?  American Politicians are WHORES. Has the media reported this? Do you realize that this ‘imprisons’ and makes debt slaves of the dozen or so generations which follow the two or three generations WE have already screwed out of their birthrights and their freedom by our inaction in the face of TREASON?  Several hundred additional TRILLIONS of liabilities laid off on the people and the Politicians and the Media say nothing. All of them belong in PRISON, every last one of them.


·        What the Politicians, the Fed and the Banks have done to our country is Treasonous and should be dealt with accordingly. It has not stopped. It is on-going.


·        Obama’s State Dept. has now ordered $70,000. Taxpayer Dollars’ worth of his book ‘Dreams of My Father’ (not written by Obama) for Christmas distribution to libraries worldwide. Our narcissist in chief rides again. Many scholars have shown this book to be a complete fraud. What do you suppose the media would have done had Bush used taxpayer funds to buy his book?


·        Now, along with his lordships governance by ‘executive orders’ we have the ‘Committee of Twelve’ coming front and center. In other words, the unconstitutional castration of the Congress in co-operation with his Majesty’s unconstitutional castration of the legislative process along with his appointment of 45 Communist Czars to run the country while the Corporations Supreme Court plays deaf, dumb and blind.  How’s that for “hope and change”? How do you like your ‘New World Order’?


·        TSA is now randomly stopping and searching cars on the highways. Obama’s Police State has taken over in America. WE put this Communist Control Freak  in office. WE are to blame.


·        Each week brings another disclosure of Obama spending Hundreds of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars with Foreign Companies. Last week, following the disclosure of his funding of his campaign fundraising friends at Solandra, it was another 700/800M to a company in Europe. Today it was announced he has given a Russian Company owned by a Russian Billionaire U.S. loan guarantees of 750M. He and his Communist allies in Government are intentionally spending our country into oblivion. A billion here, a Billion there, usually to his personal friends. Do you see Boehner, the Congress, the Courts, anyone, attempting to do anything about this corruption and abuse of office?  He is increasing the debt on future generations exponentially. Spend, Spend, Spend. Even his ‘Jobs Bill’ is nothing more than another disguised ‘Stimulus Plan’. It is all part of their published plan describing in advance how they would take down America and Capitalism. They are doing more of it every day. Now he has publicly announced he will by-pass Congress in order to keep on spending on whatever his Majesty sees fit.  Do you agree with this TREASON? The ‘abbreviated’ audit of the FED showed that Bernanke and Obama have secretly spent 16 TRILLION and billed it to future generations of taxpayers. Our D.C. sources say 100T is closer to the truth. Our country is buckling under this massive debt creation already (credit downgrades). Obama’s answer, more gas on the fire. More borrowing and spending. Soon we will be completely servant to the lenders he represents (Communist New World Order) exactly like Greece. A Foreign Born Usurper of the Presidency intentionally self-destructing our nation with the knowledge and approval of the entire Democratic Party and a large percentage of the Republican Party. WORLD GOVERNMENT as called for by the Vatican this week. And still the people sleep. While you nap your future is being decided for you at break neck speed.


·        Would the ‘New’ zero out all debt including among nations?


·        In ‘Obama World’ if you are a ‘Producer’ you are the enemy. If you are successful you are the enemy. The ‘Collectivist’ among us (Democrats) coupled with the votes of those now on the ‘Public Dole’ (45.2 M on food stamps alone) can now out vote the successful who provide the Jobs and the taxpayers who are required to support Obama’s constituency..  This ‘upside down’ outcome is no accident. It has been induced and nurtured by Socialist and Communist Radicals who cannot compete in a free market (Capitalism) and therefore demand that no one should be free.



·        WE hear that most everything coming out of the various meetings in Europe are lies, deceit and miss-direction. For example, WE hear all those Banks taking a very public 50% haircut on their Greek Bonds  are being ‘reimbursed’ by the FED which is why they agreed to the deal/announcement.. This is Geithner, Bernanke and Obama wheeling and dealing behind the scenes and doing anything, and I do mean anything, to keep their Ponzi Fraudulent Financial Playpen functioning.  WE also hear American Banks were on the verge of taking a 160B loss related to Greece and are also being ‘made whole’ via manipulation of their Stock Values.  The E.U. is a Regional Aspect of The NWO.  Everything possible is being done to save it and it’s fraudulent accounting and announcements are just part of their game. This, WE hear, is part of the larger scenario of the preservation of Fiat at all cost and that Obama and Geithner and Bernanke are the leaders of this effort. WE continue to hear that Obama continues to say never, not under any circumstances, that no one is going to take their Fiat World away from them.  A short video from Economist Faber now  making the rounds says the Sovereigns can delay the end game five or ten years by continuing to monetize the debt. The ECB has not so far (monetized) as they are being blocked by the German People (Parliament) but this outcome appears inevitable unless, of course, ‘The New’ comes to our/the worlds rescue. It appears to us quite hopeless that the existing dark cabal and its Political Puppets will acquiesce  or co-operate in the establishment of the New which means we should be looking elsewhere for ‘redemption’.  WE hear that very very little of what has been announced has actually been ‘funded’, that most of it is talk talk talk for the purpose of propping up equity markets worldwide. WE believe Western Governments all belong to the same International Criminal Organization (illuminati) and that most of the world’s Financial Corruption is Government sanctioned.


·        Those ‘messengers’ who look for deliveries virtually every day of every week continue to do so even today. WE believe they are at the mercy of the Treasury Based Dis-info Team which, we hear, consist of four full time dis-info experts. Can you imagine a more sorry group of snakes anywhere on planet earth? I would like to have ten minutes with their wives, children and parents to let them know the EVIL nature and work of these men. I would guess there will be quite a reception committee awaiting them at the pearly gates. Naturally WE want these folks (messengers) to finally be right for the first time. Our Intel remains the same, funds frozen, ‘valve’ not turned on, etc….The Secrecy Levels are greater now than ever before.


Casper   10-28-11   opinion