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7.23.13 The End Game

Good Day my Good Friends:

I ran across this video earlier this morning and as some of you know, I am an avid fan of Bix – Road to Roota.  Here Bix did an interview with Greg Hunter with USA Watchdog.  I think this is one of the most important videos you can watch at a time like we are about to enter.

I know that Tony TNT does not agree with many of the thoughts presented here but I also know that many of you are wiser than that and also know my contacts say differently also.  In this video I believe we “HEAR” what and how this end game process is going to unfold.

Listen carefully as to how Gold and Silver will react.  I have said for a long time that when the dust settles, it will come down to about $600 an ounce.  We all know if there is a collapse of the dollar, the interim time will be when Gold and Silver will be at its peak.

I found it interesting how the PTB will reallocate money to us all.  I had never heard this concept before but after hearing it, I have put so many dots together – it makes sense.

Here is the video:

Now the question you are probably asking and only you can decide is how do I leverage what I know?  If it were me – right now in this time and space and I had money sitting in any kind of electronic form (Money that is not coins) I would either buy Gold or Silver OR put it into assets such as land and things that will hold value.  Remember, if Bix is right and I think he is, then this will be a short period of time of chaos.  Then Gold and Silver will plummet and settle back out when we the people are comfortable again – bank on it.  

I have many more ideas on all of this but this video I promise is a good start as it alerts you to what is and what will be.

Have a Great Day and Don’t Worry – everything is as it should be.  God “IS” and We “ARE”


P.S. Remember how Tony has been saying that you will get a Treasury Note backing your deposit if you redeem your Dinar at Wells Fargo? – Pay attention to that and put that with the coinage Bix speaks of ….When you cash in, spend all of your Fed notes and keep as much of your Dinar account money alone.  Also, borrow against your credit if you believe what Bix is saying.  It is how the rich get richer.  I think Tony knows more than he is saying but how much heat does one want on their back……