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9.24.12 A Dose of Reality

Dear Readers:

I am head low and the reason is that I may have placed to much hope in one of my previous threads.  I had placed a P.S. in my thread which you can read here:  Now this has caused many to think it was going to happen any day.  I had said to look for the  RV any day because one of my sources had said that it couldn’t happen until at least the 16th of September and I have shared why before based on that info (BIS).  This source, my mentor died 4 weeks ago and I am not able to pick his brain to see the state of things.  What I did know based on my mentor and his information is that it just couldn’t happen before that.

Now I am going on record to say that we are still a ways off.  How far, probably a couple months or so.  I know some will laugh at that but the fact is, 6th floor, my other contact has never been wrong – never.  I have been laughed at many times when I said not yet and here we are – not yet.

I will keep my ear to the rails but here it is and please adjust your thinking as I am.  One good thing is that it is going to happen but not yet – sorry….